Implement Master Data Management Solutions


Solving business problems usually requires the collection of multiple points-of-view in order to provide a complete picture. Data analytics works in the same way: datasets from various sources must be gathered in order to understand the full scope of a problem and, in the case of predictive analytics, be able to present likely outcomes. There is a lot more to data management than simply “gathering” the data.

Client is a global 500 company that thrives by providing the best solutions/products for their customers. They were struggling with inconsistent and time-consuming recording of product details, an inability to deliver requested product information to customers on a consistent basis, and a longer than desired time-to-market for new products.

With a desire to respond to increased customer demand for a more comprehensive, multi-channel shopping experience, the client realized that they were unprepared to efficiently manage data coming from internal sources as well as third-party suppliers..


The departments responsible for our publications and merchandising were spending too long categorizing products, which delayed time-to-market. While the client should have been focusing on selling products. They were only processing data instead of focusing their energy on market expansion and sales revenue. The decision to improve customer experience included a desire to respond to evolving customer needs in the future as well as meeting current demands. In order to reach omnichannel customers, client needed consistent, trusted data, and systems and processes that were nimble enough to adjust quickly to changing demands. A Master Data Management (MDM) solution was identified as a priority, so that data input and categorization could be streamlined.


Client needed a responsive solution that could standardize the data for a complex web of hundreds of suppliers offering millions of products. This level of complexity demanded centralized master data. Ribus Team selected the best data solution to facilitate the client’s future state needs. We implemented a data quality engine, and the ability to be nimble, developed a BI user interface that is easy for suppliers and internal associates to use. Implemented MDM platform that integrates multiple disparate systems by streamlining the process of aggregating and consolidating information around an organization’s products, customers, suppliers, employees, assets, location and reference data from multiple sources and formats.

The platform provided actionable insights, and published it to backend systems as well as online and offline channels. Our solution provided cross-channel consistency by linking products and customer data, suppliers, and other organizational assets, enabling businesses to make more effective decisions, improve sales and build shareholder value.

The Results

After the initial implementation:

  • Access to data from various external sources increased by 60% providing more insights.
  • The new solutions provided the client to use data brokers as a way of centralizing and standardizing product data.
  • Right data to right customers efficiency increased by 80%
  • Efficiency and accuracy improved by 56%
  • The timeline & process of publishing data to customers decreased by 32%
  • Client’s customer were able to locate products in fewer searches.