Protect corporate data by automating application security


The issue with the traditional approach to security is that it assumes a static computing environment and application topology. In the past, applications ran on physical or virtual servers that were configured and connected in unchanging arrangements. Before deployment, development groups would engage the IT security team to audit the application and recommend security measures. Once implemented, those measures could be assumed as consistent and ongoing. The move to public cloud computing and applications that experience highly erratic traffic patterns means that static security approach is broken.

A global technology solutions provider, serves more than 2,900 customers worldwide in 43 countries, providing organizations with a modern approach to digital transformation. Lot of global Fortune 500 companies trust the client to run, manage and optimize their IT investments, including Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance and Government as the forces of regulation continue to fuel a more aggressive stance toward customer data and privacy. Over the years, the client has accelerated its growth through a series of successful acquisitions. To ensure the success of the company’s organic growth (in tandem with its numerous acquisitions), a timely, seamless integration process was required to ensure business and technology continuity.


Client recognized that corporations that utilized effective data management programs experienced the benefits that data management provides – the undeniable value for their business bottom line. So, in order to fulfill the numerous customer requirements and differentiate their services, Client incorporated an aggressive acquisition strategy to get products to market faster and develop a greater competitive advantage.

Implementing an acquisition strategy is not a straight forward process. The underlying integration of both business and technology highlights that the “devil is in the details.” The integration process can make or break a merger. Ultimately, it’s a balancing act of selecting either decisive actions versus incorporating strategic business practices.


With limited resources, our application security team had to ensure that they could initiate their plans gradually in order to determine a robust automated application security solution.


We helped them plan out their onboarding strategy and scale appropriately with the flexibility to maneuver rapidly as internal and external market forces dictated. Implementing Contrast Assess as part of the their DevSecOps methodology enabled the client to integrate security rapidly into their existing workflows and processes. This resulted in client having much greater confidence in their automated application security to deliver products to market faster.


For Client, the heart of the digital transformation is the ability to access corporate information and provide data analysis to make quicker and better-informed decisions. Therefore, it was imperative for client to enable businesses to accurately collaborate with this trusted data. We helped client enable global enterprises to accelerate time-to-value and employ modern data governance.

The Results

After automating the secured application deployment:

  • Enhanced detection and response to attack
  • Improved security posture
  • Less dependence on manual tools
  • Improved overall Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO)
  • Greatly reduced false positive rates
  • Accelerated software time-to-market
  • Augmented Penetration Testing (Pen Testing)
  • Provided reporting capabilities satisfying compliance and governance requirements