Protecting your organization against data breaches and weather disasters while managing compliance with ever-evolving regulatory standards is a multi-layered process. Good advice from a trusted partner, a solid security architecture design and solutions, and correct implementation of that design are all critical elements to securing your data. We can ensure that your organizations’s infrastructure remains sound, and its data is secured, as applications evolve and cyber-hackers experiment exhaustively. As a market-leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions, RIBUS Group partners with organizations to plan, build and run successful cyber-security programs. Our methodology provides actionable steps to secure systems more effectively and provide recommendations to improve compliance with a wide variety of regulatory frameworks.

Our services include:

  • Security Program Strategy to align information security policy and strategy with business goals
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management to uncover and remediate flaws and vulnerabilities in your security systems
  • Enterprise Risk and Compliance to better understand risk through an IT risk assessment and make informed decisions about managing it
  • Security Architecture and Implementation to help you make decisions about the right technology, architecture and projects to ensure enterprise and network security
  • Enterprise Incident Management to improve response to unauthorized intrusion attacks
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) to design, implement and test IAM systems that better enable business
  • Education and Awareness to promote behavior that can improve security and reduce risk
  • Managed Security Services to provide your team with turnkey security solutions

Regulatory Services

  • NY DFS NYCRR PART 500 Gap Analysis and Remediation
  • Graham-Leech-Bliley (GLBA)
  • PCI Compliance
  • Data Breach Notification Laws
  • Date Breach Investigation Security Consulting Services


Cyber Security Consulting
RIBUS Group has been involved in IT consulting and information security consulting for many years, and has a core team of individuals that keep up with the latest security vulnerabilities, exploits, and prevention measures. Whether the security issues are internal, public, server related or software related, we can provide protection, detection, recovery, remediation, and investigation with our security consulting services.

Application Security Services
Our cyber security SMEs will work with organization to create secure, portable, high-performance applications. RIBUS understand that web applications are necessary and it is the bloodline that runs your business. However, because they are Internet-facing, web applications increase the public attack surface. This can create the gateway cyber criminals need to access your data. We help organization conforming to the latest security standards, including CWE, CERT, OWASP, DISA STIG, MISRA and other. We can also validate the source code.

Managed Security Program
Ribus’s Managed Cyber Security Program provide 24/7 monitoring solution to monitor, manage, and optimize your IT security boosting business efficiencies and performance. Our solution can be onsite or hosted in our own cloud or on-prem to protect your data. Your data is separated from other client’s data, and you retain all ownership of your data. We can offer the following services with out Managed Cyber Security Program:  Remote monitoring and alerting, IT event correlation and analysis, Critical business services monitoring, Managed network services, VID and desktop monitoring, Security monitoring, Cloud security management Compliance reporting, User activity management, Security risk assessment and consulting

Remote Security Services
Our cyber security experts can provide 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and management of cyber security systems and devices in addition to responding to network emergencies. Our security operation center will monitoring all of the following services tools/devices: Firewalls, Security information and event management (SIEM) systems, Network devices and endpoints, Antivirus (AV) and anti-malware agents, Intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS), Data loss prevention (DLP) services

Multi-Factor Authentication
It’s not a tough task for the hackers and cyber attackers to cheat up the passwords & security pins. We can help you to establish more secure and protected access to the servers, networks, systems. Our experts will help you integrate a Multi-Factor Authentication that will genuinely check the identity before allowing anyone to access the accounts, data, and confidential assets.

Cloud Security Assessment
Our cyber security SMEs can conduct an in-depth forensic analysis of individual systems, as well as a broad compromise assessment of your entire environment to determine the full scope of a potential attack. We can help you determine initial point of entry and root cause of the attack, identify the full scope of attack, Understand the type of data affected, prevent future attacks, conduct on going monitoring as well as hunting and provide analysis conducted on-site in your environment.

Penetration Testing Services
Organizations face unique challenges in protecting their resources across the various implementations of cloud services. Our Cloud Security Penetration Testing services includes testing the internal and external components of a cloud-hosted infrastructure; discovering vulnerabilities and leveraging them to demonstrate what an attacker could do; and evaluating your ability to detect malicious activity within your cloud infrastructure.

Integrated Threat Management
Measurable and effective detection and remediation action by reducing attacker’s window of opportunity with matured incident response and real time monitoring. Ribus’s Integrated Threat Management (ITM) enables cyber defense teams to become more efficient and smarter. The solution framework and approach combines detection, triaging, orchestration, contextualized incident management and investigation into a seamless experience to reduce Mean Time to Response (MTTR) for every incident. The platform learns from analyst interactions and investigations to help cyber defense teams with best next steps.

Cloud Security

RIBUS’s Cloud Security Managed Services uses integrated security technologies, global threat intelligence, vulnerability research and security professionals to help separate the “usual” or expected events from the “unusual” attacks and incidents – and deliver a more robust managed cloud security solution for your cloud environment. our cloud security services solutions span both our consulting and managed services to help build your capabilities and get the expertise you need.


Data Security Governance Services
We can help you generate, capture, secure and use data without the anxiety of privacy and compliance failure. For organizations that handle growing volumes of increasingly complex data, We provide data security governance Solution to help our clients secure the data. Our solution provides management capabilities and granular controls over the complete life cycle of data, establishing ownership, accountability and stewardship for data assets. The solution includes control frameworks, record inventory catalogs, risk mapped to data assets, policies, processes and reporting.


Protect corporate data by automating application security Ribus Group Cyber Security

Protect corporate data by automating application security

A global technology solutions provider, serves more than 2,900 customers worldwide in 43 countries, providing organizati
Implement Master Data Management Solutions Data management

Implement Master Data Management Solutions

Client is a global 500 company that thrives by providing the best solutions/products for their customers. They were stru
  • 1. Iterate Design

    We always start with people. Business is driven by human behavior. And we take a human-centered design approach to drive business results. Through observation, learning, and immersive research we are able to roadmap solutions that work for our clients and their customers.

  • 2. Validate Develop

    This is where we bring the design vision to life—uncovering and alleviating stumbling blocks that could interfere with successful implementation. Our 360-degree focus on customers and tech-agnostic approach allow us to develop flexible solutions that scale with business needs.

  • 3. Optimize Deliver

    Our global operation model and thousands of employees in 10 countries allow us to implement best practices and meet clients’ needs practically everywhere. From implementation to analysis, we go beyond solution launch to seek out continuous improvement for our clients—and ourselves.