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Ribus’s Communications Business Unit provides technology that transforms operating models, improves customer experience and keeps client businesses relevant. Our team of across 5 countries supports over 11 of the world’s leading Communication Service Providers.

There is no silver bullet for the transformation to a digital service provider. It is known that a calibrated approach is needed to enable this transformation. Being Collaborative, Adaptive, Ubiquitous, Spontaneous and Elastic will ensure that the path towards this transformation will be safe.

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Communication industry must achieve seamless connectivity across on-premise and cloud applications To service today’s digital ecosystems smoothly.

Communication industry  need to upgrade to a next-gen integration architecture that includes:

  • API management – to work together with partners.
  • Microservices – with components broken into standalone, independent services.
  • IPaaS and Lightweight ESB – to move core applications to the cloud
  • Digital data architecture – to eliminate the risk of obsolete data

Communication companies are disrupting traditional business models through technology innovations.

Today’s service providers are confronted by radical changes to their business environment, and while they have been largely working to create leaner operations, the mechanics of doing business has changed over the years leading to transformations in the business model. CSPs are fast transforming themselves from a legacy communication service provider to an IP broadband, cloud and IT platform provider with greater focus on a business segment.

  • IT Services and assets optimization is a key pillar to achieve the aggressive Cost Reduction Objectives
  • Improve QoS or QoE by investing in Network Modernization and customer-centric Omnichannel Experience Management
  • Increase ARPU by offering new products and services enhancing brand equity
  • Unlease the power of analytics to better anticipate propensity to churn and improve care effectiveness.
  • Process Maturity Assessment

    We assess an organisation’s processes to measure their maturity level in terms of process capability and performance. We then identify potential gaps that need to be resolved as well as “Quick Wins”.

  • Process Improvement and Governance

    We redesign our customer’s processes to create value-based improvements. This is followed by quantifying the subsequent business value generated by these improvements and prioritising the implementation stages. We also help to sustain improvements through the introduction of process governance in terms of the organisation’s guiding principles, reviews, and performance monitoring mechanisms.

  • Business Process and IT Alignment

    We review the organisation’s current processes and identify new processes that are better aligned with its business objectives. After this is established, we outline functional requirements for system implementation, recommend the most appropriate solution, and develop a comprehensive business transition plan.

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